About TCC

About Tucson Cancer Conquerors, Inc.

~ Empowering Cancer Survivors and the Communities that Support them to Achieve Optimal Wellness ~

Tucson Cancer ConquerorsTucson Cancer Conquerors, Inc., (TCC), is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide social activities and support to those affected by cancer, or caring for someone with cancer, by offering them wellness and wholeness for the journey.

All of the programs are available to anyone wishing to participate and are intended to be affordable and accessible to those interested in participating. The activities are intended to be self-supported; however, TCC will offset costs whenever possible, in the event of a member's financial hardship.

Our activities include but are not limited to:

  1. Presentations or outings focused on improving self-esteem for those dealing with the changes cancer treatment can create.
  2. Matching members to provide to opportunities for discussions with those who have had similar experiences or treatments.
  3. Social activities and networking opportunities.
  4. Physical activities and exercise programs.

As a volunteer based organization, we have no political or religious affiliation. Our members have a diversity of backgrounds : cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. The Tucson Cancer Conquerors (TCC) does not, and shall not, discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, ability, marital status, socioeconomic status, military status, genetic information, pregnancy, sex, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation in any of its activities or operations.

Our commitment is to offer a positive, low stress environment of kindness where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and empowered to be their best. TCC is a safe place to share challenges and concerns related to your cancer journey. We encourage members who have finished the acute phase of their treatment to remain a part of TCC in order to stay active and healthy, and to support others on their journey.

Tucson Cancer Conquerors Board of Directors and Advisory Board

Click here to view TCC Board of Director biographies.
Click here to view TCC Advisory Board biographies.

Executive Board Members
Liz Almli - President
Amy Cojanis - Vice President
Debbie Davis - Treasurer
Sherry Evans - Secretary
Mary Specio-Boyer - Executive Director

Board Members
Cathy Parsons
Jennifer Schmidt
Diane Fields
Pandora Larsen

Legacy Board Members
Pam Chess

Advisory Board Members
Ken Harvey:  Executive Chef, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, TCC Garden
Dawn Messer OD MPH:  Founder of Mindful Meandering, Master Gardener
Leona Downey MD:  Breast Oncologist, TCC Fitness Team - Yoga
Rocky LaRose:  Retired AD University of Arizona, TCC Photographer
Deb Heilig: Retired Business Analyst, TCC Tech Advisor & Hike Leader
Kristin Linne: Retired Educator, TCC Fitness Team, TCC Newsletter

Tucson Cancer Conqueror Committees

Get Active Committee    Liz Almli, Chair

  • Fitness Classes: Kristin Linne
    Schedule coordination of Get Fit, Get Fit Light and Strong Friends fitness classes, schedule instructors monthly, order and maintain equipment, outreach to new and retention of current participants, fitness related adventures.

    • Fitness Team Instructors: Liz Almli (MD, CPT, CCES) Pandora Larsen (CPT), Kristin Linne (CPT), Carole Wymer, Vianca Villa, Melissa Lobdell (CPT), Tara Fanth (CPT) Kay Quatraro, Jennifer Schmidt (StrongFriends)
    • Equipment: Pat Linne
    • First Aid Kit/AED:  Cathy Parsons
  • Gardening: Diane Fields
    Coordinate weeding, planting and harvesting of our organic garden boxes.
  • Mindful Meandering: Dawn Hull Messer
    Coordinate mindful walks focused on gratitude and Stress management.
  • Second Sunday Hikes: Deb Heilig
    Heads hikes through Tucson’s many beautiful trails..
  • Loop Walkers: Tori Stypula
    Leads our Saturday morning walking group along the River Walk Loop.

Get Social Committee    Amy Cojanis and Jennifer Schmidt, Co-chairs

  • Birthday Celebrations/Luncheons/Social Events: Amy Cojanis
    Plans food, set up, clean up for monthly birthday celebrations, fourth Friday lunches, and special social events. Sends all Evites and Eventbrite invitations for RSVP.
  • Coffee Café: Jennifer Schmidt
    • Coordinate Snacks:  Bonnie Boreson
    • Coffee Set Up and Clean Up:  Katherine Cerino, Louise Entwistle, Anne Blacher
    • Recycling:  Nancy Pearson and Jenny Waters
  • Yearly Retreat Planning Committee: Amy Cojanis
  • Volunteer Appreciation: Amy Cojanis and Jennifer Schmidt

Community Outreach   Jennifer Schmidt, Chair

  • Community Presence/Booths at Events:  Jennifer Schmidt
  • Cancer Community Collaboration:  Amy Cojanis
  • Social Media Communications:  Terie Tutt and Nancy Vornholt
  • Office Pamphlets:  Melinda Aragon and Arlene Kutoroff

Get Support Committee    Cathy Parsons, Chair

  • Resource Room: Vacant
  • Caring Baskets and Chemo Bags: Ambre Cole
  • Book Groupies:  Ambre Cole
  • Peer Support Program:  Arlene Kutoroff
  • Memorial Tiles:  Cathy Parsons
  • Birthday and Comfort Cards:  Kristin Linne
  • New Member Ambassadors/Welcome Bags:  Sherry Evans - temporary
  • Membership Photos: Cynthia Holmes, Sherry Evans, Deb Helig
  • Educational Programming:
    • Quarterly Speakers Coordination:  Cathy Parsons
    • AV Support:  Terie Tutt
    • Speaker Bios and Evaluations:  Cathy Pensak

Administrative Support   Sherry Evans, Chair and Board Secretary

Manage TCC Communication (main Email, Google Phone, TCC Event Calendar).  Accept payments, makes bank deposits, and purchases needed items for committee chairs.  Mail distribution, building key distribution, office maintenance.  Organizes Board of Director Meeting including agenda, minutes, and committee reports.  Maintains Member Records and Spreadsheets for member waivers, dues, donations and processes new members.

  • Building Logistics/Pima County Liaison: - Sherry Evans
    Serves as Pima County Liaison for building maintenance items, calendar communication, and orders printed materials provided by the county (letterhead, envelopes, thank you notes, pamphlets, etc.)
  • Attendance Records:  Kristin Linne
  • Logo Merchandise:  Diane Fields

Fundraising    Liz Almli, Chair

  • High Tea Annual Fundraiser:  Liz Almli
  •  Grant Opportunities and Local Support:  Liz Almli
  • Tax ID Letters: Kristin Linne/Debbie Davis
  • Newsletter Production:  Liz Almli (Board Letter), Diane Fields (Garden), Events & Fitness (Kristin Linne), Resources (Arlene Kutoroff ), Sherry Evans (Donations & Proofreading)

Financial   Debbie Davis, Treasurer and Chair
Maintains all financial records and documentation. Reconciles bank accounts and serves as bank liaison for all accounts. Generates reports and financial statements.

Legal   Mary Specio-Boyer, Chair
Coordinates and submits the Yearly County Report, manage insurance policies, ensures good standing with 501(c)3 compliance, update TCC By-Laws.

Are you are interested in working on a committee or have a suggestion?

Please contact any board member or committee co-chair listed below, or send an email to info@tucsoncancerconquerors.org.

Sponsors and Supporters of Tucson Cancer Conquerors

We would like to thank our Sponsors and Supporters for allowing TCC to make our programs and activities available to the Tucson community!

Frank and Lindi Petroni
Shalyn Ward / PathAI
Raman Mahabir
The Kitay Family Foundation
Mary Boyer and Kayla Boyer
Frank and Jana Westerbeke
Timothy Hodges and Lisa Yui
Sandra & Ed Holland
Rafe and Sue Cox
Frank and Jody Comstock
Scot Hutchison

Albertsons Companies Foundation
Loews Corporation
Quilt for a Cause
Felicia’s Farm, David and Leah Cutler
Reproductive Health Center
Brighton Collectibles La Encantada
100+ Women Who Care
Pima County Parks and Recreation

Barrio Brewing Co.
Vero Amore / Suzanne Kaiser
Greenberg Financial Group
Tucson Plastic Surgery
David and Maureen Herr
You Got This Foundation / Dr. Scott Sheftel & Dr. Liz Almli
Healthy Skin Dermatology
Banner Health
Norma Zimdahl
Speedway Veterinary Clinic / Dr. Kayla Boyer
Melinda Aragon & Jill Reynolds
Simply Bits / Brad Feder
Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society / Margarete & Bill Holcombe
Alphagraphics Palo Verde / Jill & Jeff Spires
American Family Insurance / Nizar Sukkar

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or supporter of TCC, please email your contact information to info@tucsoncancerconquerors.org or call 520-505-1406 and leave a voice mail message. A member of the TCC Board of Directors will contact you as soon as possible to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

If you would like to make an individual donation, please visit the Support TCC page of our website.

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