January 2017

Exercise Thoughts for the New Year

Over the last decade Americans have become increasingly sedentary, spending 93% of our lifetimes indoors and 73% of each waking day sitting. Research shows that these long periods of physical inactivity increase your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Your body was made to move so when it doesn’t get regular physical activity muscles and joints become stiff and sore, and mentally you feel moody, sluggish, and tired. It’s important to get up every hour, whether it’s setting a reminder alarm at work to get up and stretch, pacing while you chat on the phone, or getting up every TV commercial to move around.

Actually putting exercise on your calendar each day is important and Tucson Cancer Conquerors has so many options to Get Active: two fun Get fit classes per week, group hikes, walks, organic gardening, and fitness field trips. So take action for the New Year and come join us!

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