Hello Conquerors!

May was a flurry of activity with graduations, Mother’s Day and our much anticipated Annual Health and Wellness Retreat!

A big thank you to our Retreat Directors Arlene Kutoroff and Pam Chess for booking an amazing venue with great food and fun adventures. Our very own TCC members Dr. Lana Holstein, Dr. Ann Jones, and Ginny Spencer also contributed with activities to foster our knowledge, relaxation, and creativity! Many new members were able to join us this year. It was fun to get to know one another sharing meals, exercising, hanging out by the pool, and being trapped in the Escape Rooms. Everyone eventually found their way out (albeit with some help). A good time was had by all and we safely found our way back to Tucson…

If you were not able to attend the Retreat no worries, you will have the opportunity to join us for our mini retreat September 23rd. Great speakers and so many fun activities planned that you don’t want to miss. Check out the calendar section below and click on the link for details.

We would like to welcome Rocky LaRose as our new Advisory Board Member! Rocky herself is a Cancer Conqueror and has been a source of strength and inspiration to many in our community. She is a terrific supporter of the TCC organization, joining us on our retreat and volunteering her time and photographic expertise to help us with our new Membership Directory. Thank You Rocky!

If you have not signed up for a TCC membership it’s easy, plus it’s a great way to support TCC! To see all of the benefits of membership, all you have to do is click here. We will be scheduling another photo shoot in the future to catch those of you who have gone for the summer.

The success of our organization would not be possible without the support of our community partners. This month we would like to show our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Scott Sheftel from Healthy Skin Dermatology.  Dr Sheftel has been a longtime supporter of our organization through financial support as well as volunteering his time and expertise for educational events. Thank you Dr. Sheftel! 

As always, please check out our interactive calendar at www.YouCanConquer.org. We have several upcoming field trips to stay cool this summer. Join Us!

The Tucson Cancer Conquerors Board


TCC Get Social Events

Click on any event below for more detailed information on the 
TCC Calendar. And be sure to RSVP to the EVITES so we know you are coming!

• June 3rd, Saturday, 7:00 AM: Get Fit Field Trip to The Mindful Yoga Studio -  We'll have a Get Fit Field trip to beat the heat at The Mindful Yoga Studio located at 1101 N Wilmot Road, #123! There will be no Coffee Café  at the park; however, after yoga is finished, we will head to a nearby restaurant for our Field Trip Coffee Cafe.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will mark the start of our our 7:00 AM Saturday Get Fit class summer schedule.

• June 6th, Tuesday, 6:30 PM, Brandi Fenton Park Visitor's Center - Birthday Dinner Celebration - Bring your favorite spring dish to share for dinner. We have a guest speaker, Dr Tad Pace, who will tell us about a clinical trial that could be beneficial to some members, as well as other interesting opportunities at the  Banner Arizona Cancer Center..

• June 17th, Saturday, 8:30 AM, the TCC Resource Room in the Brandi Fenton Park Visitor's Center: TCC Book Groupies Meeting -  Join the TCC Book Groupies for their first gathering, right after Coffee Café to discuss this month's book, A Three Dog Life by Abigail ThomasLook for more information in the Resource Room section below.

• June 16th, Friday, 12:00 Noon, First Watch Restaurant: TCC Monthly Luncheon - Join us at First Watch located at 5055 N Oracle Road. They have a really nice private room and the food is yummy!. Please RSVP to the EVITE that will be sent out soon!

Next month and beyond...

August 26th, Saturday, 8:00 AM, Brandi Fenton Park Visitor's Center: TCC Year In Review - Join us right after Get Fit exercise class for a tasty board sponsored breakfast and our annual Year in Review Presentation! Sit back and relax while we look back on where we’ve been this last year and look ahead to all the exciting things we have in store for our members. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch up on everything TCC.

• September 23rd to 24th, The Lodge at Ventana Canyon: TCC Mini Retreat -  Join us for a relaxing, educational and fun-filled overnight at The Lodge at Ventana Canyon!

Registration forms now available at TCC office or in the Members Area of the TCC website. Cost is $150 for members and $195 for non-members. Deposit due by July 1st. Questions: contact Arlene at info@tucsoncancerquerors.org.


• October 14th, Saturday, TCC Gives Back: Ben's Bells - A field trip to give back by volunteering at Ben's Bells. Watch for more info soon!

• December 1st, Tucson Country Club: TCC Holiday Luncheon - Join TCC to celebrate the holidays at our annual Holiday Luncheon. Watch for more details to come!

• December 10th, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort: The Holiday High Tea - Yes its Back! The Holiday High Tea is back in the Ventana Room at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. This year proceeds go to benefit the Tucson Cancer Conquerors. Join us with Chef Ken Harvey for Fun, Food, and prizes! SAVE THE DATE and watch for more details to come!


 TCC Get Active News

Get Fit classes are held at Brandi Fenton Park Tuesday evenings at 5:30 PM and Saturday mornings at 7:00 AM.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Saturday, June 3rd, Get Fit classes will move to 7:00 AM for the summer, followed by Coffee Café at 8:00 AM.

Upper Body Strength – who needs it? You do! 

We naturally tend to lose muscle mass (sarcopenia) as we age, beginning as early as our 20s. In fact, we can lose up to 40 percent of our muscle mass by the time we reach our 60s. Illness, injury, and a sedentary lifestyle can greatly accelerate that deterioration!

Upper body strength is critically important because the upper body controls our ability to perform everyday activities such as grasping, clenching, reaching, pulling, pushing and lifting. Having a strong upper body improves your posture, flexibility, mobility and range of motion while decreasing your risk of injury.


In our Get Fit workout we have fun working on strength training every class using drumsticks, bands, medicine balls, dumbbells and even our own body weight! It’s fun and it’s good for you!

Stay strong, stay healthy, and get proactive about improving your strength by joining us at Get Fit class every Tuesday and Saturday!

~ Even if you can't physically see the results in front of you, every single
effort is changing your body from the inside. Don't get discouraged. Your
body hears everything your brain says. Be positive! ~

Our walking group continues to grow!

If you can walk, you can do it. You just need to take that first step and GET MOVING. We have something for everyone so bring a friend and join the walkers at 7:00 AM every Saturday! 


Get Fit Class Payments

Great news! Your $50 Get Fit class fee covers a 3 month session that includes TWO  fun exercise classes per week - we really want you to exercise! As an added bonus, all Get Fit participants receive a complimentary annual 2017 Membership*

Details about how to pay for Get Fit fee can be found in the Help Support TCC section at the end of this newsletter.


Organic Gardening

Our Garden is overflowing with onions that are ready for harvest! Onions are loaded with cancer fighting health benefits while adding delicious flavor to your food.

Did you know that onions…

• Contain phytochemicals along with vitamin C, which are anti-inflammatory and help to strengthen your immune system.

• Are rich in chromium, helping to regulate blood sugar.

• Are heart healthy, lowering the production of bad cholesterol (LDL)

• Contain the powerful antioxidant compound, quercetin, known to play a significant role in preventing cancer.

• Have bright green tops rich in Vitamin A – use them! 

For a healthy alternative to the Blooming Onion, click here to try the Baked Blooming Onion Recipe ~



 TCC Get Support

Coffee Café, the TCC Resource Room and more!

Saturday Coffee Café

Even if you don't come for exercise class, please join us at the TCC Coffee Café to share a snack, socialize and hear about all our upcoming activities! The Coffee Café happens after every Saturday morning right after exercise class at the Brandi Fenton Park Visitor's Center.

Please consider signing up to bring Coffee Café snacks one Saturday this year. You can always partner with another member to make it easier, and you can be sure we will appreciate whatever snacks you bring! Speak to Jenny Waters for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Beginning Saturday, June 3rd, Coffee Café will move to 8:00 AM for the summer.

TCC Resource Room

After Coffee Café announcements, we invite you to come down to the comfy TCC Resource Room to enjoy a quiet chat or to browse and check out a book from our lending library. Also available are brochures and information about community support services, local events of interest, and a Member Resource Directory. We are open on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings during Get Fit classes and during Saturday morning Coffee Café.

Coming soon this month: the first TCC Book Groupies meeting in the Resource Room on Saturday, June 17th, right after Coffee Café, a discussion of Abigail Thomas’s memoir, A Three Dog Life. We hope you’ll join us!

Our highlighted book for the July Book Groupies meeting will be State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, a compelling and vividly-told story about a woman pharmaceutical researcher’s quest to unravel a scientific and ethical mystery in the Amazon ---a book that has been described as “a novel of beauty and mystery, much like the Amazon itself.”


Help Support TCC


Buy A 2017 Jim Click "Millions For Tucson" Raffle Ticket!


The Jim Click Raffle is a great event that's a fun and easy way to help raise money for our programs since TCC receives 100% of proceeds from all raffle tickets we sell. And this year you get a chance to win three great prizes!

• This year's Grand Prize is a 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum valued at $54,500!

• Second prize are TWO round-trip, first class plane tickets anywhere in the world*!

• Third prize is $5,000 cash!

The raffle tickets are $25 each or five for $100. You can pick up raffle tickets any Tuesday or Saturday during a scheduled Get Fit class or email TCC to have tickets mailed to you.

Your help is greatly appreciated! TCC is completely self-supporting and your generous donation helps to make programs like our Health and Wellness Retreat affordable; pays for our bimonthly pizza dinners and much more!

*Restrictions apply.

Purchase a TCC Membership - click here to see all the great benefits of being a TCC Member

You can pay for a TCC Membership, (or Get Fit class fee), by cash, check or credit/debit card at any TCC event, or by credit/debit card in the TCC Members AreaPlease note: If you have paid for your quarterly Get Fit classes, your membership is automaticThere is no additional fee.


We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the following supporters for their donations last month.


Fred and Phylis Geres | Paula Dunn | Eileen Schwartz | D Esparza



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